Get Involved!

Give back to the trails and community by volunteering with FAST

FAST Volunteer Incentive Program!

Without you, we couldn’t do what we do, and we want to thank you! All hours spent volunteering with FAST, including the Trail Adopt Program, count towards getting some sweet swag and more!

• 20 Volunteer Hours = Custom FAST Socks
• 40 Volunteer Hours = Custom FAST Topcap
• Top Volunteer = Free Entry to Outerbike!!

How it works:
1: You must be a current FAST member to qualify – become a member here
2: All hours from 2018 count so go ahead and count anything you have done since January!
3: After volunteering, log your hours in the form to the right
4: The top volunteer prize will be announced at the Coler Roller on September 29th, so get your hours in before the Coler Roller to win the big prize!
5: You can continue counting volunteer hours after the Coler Roller and win the socks and topcap through the end of 2018

Note: This is not for the Bike patrol, you still log hours in your normal way.

There are tons of ways to volunteer with FAST! If trail maintenance isn’t your thing, but you love working with kids, volunteer with FAST Kids! Or if you like computer work we have some of that to do also! If you aren’t sure how best to volunteer or have a great idea in a way you want to give back give us a shout at membership.fast@gmail.com.

Top 2018 Volunteers (as of August 28, 2018)

Sam Pearson 179.25 Hours!
Corwin Stanhope 142 Hours!
Anna Stanhope 105 Hours!
Mike Power 96.3 Hours!
Jason Fischgrabe 79 Hours!
Lance Lablonski 74 Hours!
Ken Sluyter 70 Hours!
David Brand 52 Hours!
Daniel Cruz 48 Hours!
Seth Jacobs 42 Hours!